Fic: Just Around The Corner


Summary: Just another first day of school, another morning in another hallway. But sometimes you don’t know what waits for you until you’ve actually turned the corner…

A/N: Written for the Klaine bingo prompt “Teachers;” (shut up, I’m calling it a drabble anyway because it was meant to be one) ~4,900 words

It’s the first day after summer break and he’s running a bit late already because first his alarm hadn’t gone off, and then he’d spilled his coffee and stained his shirt, and then he’d had to park his car in the worst spot and sprint all the way across the parking lot to make it to his classroom on time. Three years of being a teacher and he still always feels a little overwhelmed the first day back after a long break.

There are still a good number of students left scattered around the halls, greeting their friends, chatting about their holidays, making their ways to their classrooms to get started on a new school year.

Kurt threads his way through them, a bit more hurried than they are; he really wanted to grab another coffee in the teacher’s lounge before having to face a classroom full of teenagers first thing in the morning. Only then he turns a corner a bit too sharply and is stopped in a full frontal collision with a blur of bright colors and papers flying everywhere.

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Chris + Amber Riley

"Don’t tell her, but I got really emotional in the audience, seeing her come out on that stage in her big, sparkly dress — I lost it, I lost it! Oh God, and her voice was filled — I’m gonna get teary thinking about it — her voice just filled that whole theater. It was just incredible!"

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tompoleman: Pool time at last!

tompoleman: Pool time at last!

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Chris Colfer’s wardrobe [insp x x]

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Marilyn10x: he had just gotten off the water slide and he insisted on taking the pic so I wouldn’t get his nakedness [x|x]

Marilyn10x: he had just gotten off the water slide and he insisted on taking the pic so I wouldn’t get his nakedness [x|x]

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lea michele: a summary (insp)

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A complete idiot

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